Researchers Associate Late Autism With Higher Levels Of Steroid Hormones

Late Autism

According to a news report, scientists associated with the University of Cambridge, and the Statens Serum Institute from Denmark, have uncovered the relationship between developing autism later and extended levels of steroid hormones like testosterone, cortisol, progesterone, etc. in children in the mother’s womb. It is believed to be a landmark achievement that can help solve the mystery of why males are more prone to autism than females. The news report further states that about 19,500 fluid samples containing amniotic fluid, stored in a biobank in Denmark, were used by…

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ADHD Epidemic? How and Why This Disorder Occurs

ADHD Epidemic? How and Why This Disorder Occurs   ADHD, the commonly used acronym for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, is commonly thought of as being a childhood problem. However, it can also occur in adults to a different degree. Those who are unfamiliar with ADHD, often believe it is simply a discipline problem with children simply being hyper and misbehaving. Understanding how and why ADHD occurs can clear up these misconceptions. Risk Factors and Causes ADHD is equally common in children of all backgrounds, nationalities, and lifestyles, and seems to be caused…

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Study the Symptoms: How to Know If Your Child Has ADHD

Study the Symptoms: How to Know If Your Child Has ADHD According to the American Psychiatric Association, 5% of children have ADHD, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Kids who have ADHD may find it difficult to focus, be hyperactive, or extremely impulsive. ADHD can have a major impact on a child’s ability to do well in school and in certain social situations. Luckily, there are medications and various treatments for children who suffer from ADHD. In fact, there are even some advantages to ADHD. Kids who learn to live with the challenge…

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New Evidence Links Brain Mutation With Autism and Other Disorders

Brain mutation linked to autism

The findings published in “Nature Communications” on July 15, 2015, show the degree to which a mutation connected with epilepsy and autism plays a role in the impairment of a brain’s biochemical process. The researchers at University of Bristol led the study, which may offer a new target for the treatment of neurological diseases. The brain has a huge number of neurons that communicate through releasing chemicals at specific connections known as synapses. For every nerve cell, a thousand synaptic connections are possible with a hundred other neurons. Synapsin 1a,…

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Co-Founder of Autism Speaks Steps Down from Post of Chairman

Autism Speaks

On May 1, 2015, Bob Wright, one of the Co-Founders of ‘Autism Speaks’, stepped down from the post of ‘Chairman of the Board of Directors’. Autism Speaks is a world-renowned advocacy and science institution for autism. It was founded by Mr. Wright and his wife in 2005, when autism diagnosis was made for their grandson. Since then, Mr. Wright worked as the organization’s chairman. The person to be honored with the position of the new Chairman is Brian Kelly, a member of the organization’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors….

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Autism Awareness Day – How is the Day Celebrated Worldwide?

Today, i.e., on April 2, we are celebrating the World Autism Awareness Day. Today is the day we dedicate to raising awareness about autism in a society filled with ignorance and misconceptions about this neurodevelopmental disorder. Although the entire of April is dedicated to creating awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), the second day is aimed at promoting communication, education and learning throughout the world. The United Nations General Assembly made this day official as the globally recognized autism awareness day. The decision was unanimously taken, and aims at emphasizing…

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Vaccination and ASD Link: Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

Vaccines and Autism

“Do vaccines cause autism?” – This question has drawn a lot of attention, and almost everyone has been waiting for the correct answer to it. The link between autism and vaccines has become a controversial topic, with mainstream scientists and government on one side, whereas many advocacy groups at the other side. Many parents are confused and scared about the health of their children. Image Courtesy: As said by the advocacy groups, thimerosal, which is a preservative added in vaccines, is harmful to central nervous system, and is accountable…

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