Folic Acid may Reduce Autism Risk in Newborn

Folic Acid may Reduce Autism Risk in Newborn

The latest study, by the Environmental Health Perspectives, has indicated that mothers can reduce the risk of pesticide-related autism by consuming recommended-doses of folic acid during conception and early stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy is one of the most anticipated phases in a woman’s life! The transformation is dramatic, with expectant mothers undergoing physical, emotional and psychological changes. The experience often changes a woman’s view of life and makes her feel responsible for her body, and the health of the child in her womb. In order to ensure a safe pregnancy…

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Do Fidget Spinners Really Aid in Reducing Anxiety and ADHD? Experts Are Dubious

fidget spinner

You must have heard a lot about fidget spinners by now. These are simple toys with small blades, which whirl in speed. The latest Internet buzz on fidget spinners talks about its theraputic benefits on people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism. The surprising fact is no one even knew about fidget spinners six months back. It’s since December when Forbes designate them as “office toys,” they start getting popular. Aren’t you excited to know do fidget spinners really have healing benefits? When Was Fidget Spinner First Invented?…

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6 Ideas to Help You Celebrate the Month of Autism Awareness

Celebrate the Month of Autism Awareness

“April is the cruellest month”, once said the Nobel laureate T.S. Eliot in his famous poem “The Waste Land.” Of course, he had some valid reasons for addressing April as the cruelest month, but this is not the truth all the time. Every year, April comes with some blessings for the autistic children – blessings of knowledge, blessings of awareness. After all, April is the month of autism awareness! Everyone should be aware of this condition named autism, not only the parents of the autistic children. Even if you have…

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Montreal’s School for Children with Autism Hopes to Raise $400,000 through its Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

Montreal’s School for Children with Autism Hopes to Raise

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. In this season of love, Giant Steps school, the only school for autistic children in Montreal, wishes to share the love with kids with autism. The school hopes to collect $400,000 through its Valentine’s Day fundraiser. Administrators, teachers, and parents are joining hands for a fundraiser dedicated to their loved school, Giant Steps. It’s the province’s only autism-specific school, and it requires to collect one million dollars in a year just to fulfill the basic needs and make ends meet. Autism, a neurodevelopmental…

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Medical Cannabis for Autistic Children can soon be a Reality

Medical Cannabis

Over the years, autism has emerged as a challenge to the mental well being of children in the United States. Increasing cases pertaining to the diagnosis of children with autism has prompted the concerned department of the country to take effective steps subsequently in order to meet the challenge. In line with the efforts to normalize the lives of autistic patients, the Minnesota Department of Health is considering the possibility of putting autism on the list of conditions wherein medical cannabis can be prescribed to the patients, according to a…

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Researchers Crack the Genetic Code of Autism and Schizophrenia

Genetic Code of Autism and Schizophrenia

The conspicuous advancement in medical science has reached a new level with the recent findings of commonness between the genes of schizophrenia and autism, as indicated by a report. The report highlights that the risk genes for both the disorders become functional in the same neuronal zone that consists of the cortex of the brain. It suggests commonness of some unnoticed illness processes, despite the fact that the known genetic variation linked with both the disorders overlap only by 5%. Schizophrenia, and autism are lifelong mental disorders which affect the…

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Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg Raise More than $700,000 with a Concert for Autism Families

concert for autism

A few months ago, singer and actor Donnie Wahlberg raised more than $700,000 for the autism charity of his wife Jenny McCarthy, Generation Rescue, through his first time ever solo concert. About 1,000 fans gathered in the Arcada Theater, St. Charles, IL, for a special concert experience. A matching donation of an amount of $100,000 was made to the foundation by the star of Blue Bloods. Some of the special guests were band mates of New Kids on the Block, Joey McIntyre, Jordan Knight, and Danny Wood along with some…

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Autism Genes are Present in All Human Beings


International researchers along with academics from three institutions have established the fact that the genes that are responsible for causing autism are present in all human beings, according to a news report. The team comprised of representatives from the University of Bristol, the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT and the Massachusetts General Hospital, according to the report. The researchers had teamed up to study the relationship between ASD and the traits of the condition exhibited by those, who do not have it. Their findings suggest that the genetic risk…

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7 Ways To Make Autism Awareness Month A Special Event

Make Autism Awareness Month A Special Event

Autism has been a popular topic for discussion in medicine for a long time. While a few experts have expressed their views on various treatments available for autism, some experts still believe that it cannot be treated completely. Therefore, it is reasonable to infer that autism is a challenge that even beats the experts. However, it is generally believed that a heightened awareness on the complication goes a long way to prevent its harmful effects on children. We will dig deeper into how you can celebrate autism awareness month in…

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy : A Breakthrough Treatment for Autism

HBOT A Breakthrough Treatment for Autism

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder And How Does It Affect Children? Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or autism refers to a lifelong mental disorder which prevents a person from communicating with or relating to others effectively. Those who are affected by it, are referred to as “autistic”. This complicated neurobehavioral disorder affects the skill to verbally communicate or interact with people in social atmosphere. The degree of autism may vary from ‘mild’ to ‘severe’ among patients with autism. Although the specific causes for autism still remain a mystery, it is by…

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