Employees with Autism Can Be an Asset to the Company 

Autism Awareness Month

When times change, so do perspectives!

Earlier individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) had limited job opportunities in the corporate world. However, the scenario has changed for the better as medical science has enabled autistic individuals to avail specific treatment plans that focus on their innate strengths and help them succeed in securing jobs in the corporate environment.

How can an organization identify the skill sets of autistic individuals?

Most job aspirants strive hard to find jobs that match their skill sets. Large organizations have opened their doors to autistic individuals and are now providing them with opportunities based on their respective skill sets and capabilities. The prospective candidates are selected on the basis of a thorough evaluation process that helps the organization identify their core strengths and assess their productivity levels.

It is imperative for every corporate organization to provide equal opportunity to autistic individuals, as this social acceptance will go a long way in helping them shed their inhibitions and gain a strong foothold in the society.

Corporate initiatives that create jobs for autistic individuals:

Xavier Pinto is one such individual having implicit belief in the capabilities of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Help By Helping Tomorrow’ is a job fair that is specifically curated by Xavier Pinto to help autistic individuals find stable job placements in the corporate sector. Pinto started this initiative after deriving inspiration from his eight-year-old son who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Pinto has committed his support to this initiative and is planning to make this job fair an annual event to be held in Toronto on the 20th April every year.

Sridhar Demodaran of Test Consulting Group is another exemplary individual with strong human values and a pioneering vision. Demodaran participated in the ‘Help By Helping Tomorrow’ Job Fair and has thereafter offered a new lease of life to several autistic individuals such as Robert Eric Martin and many others in the following months.

Currently, Robert Eric Martin has got a placement in a renowned software development company as a software tester through Demodaran.

Martin’s analytic prowess and attention to detail was an added advantage that assisted him in securing the job. Martin is enjoying his stint as a software tester as it gives him the opportunity to revisit his college days at George Brown College wherein his forte was interactive design and development.

The way forward!

Autistic individuals have a natural flair to spot recurring patterns and are highly attentive to minute details. With the requisite mentoring, these aspects can be honed and improvised to enable the autistic individuals to carve out lucrative careers in sectors such as the Cyber Security Industry and other specialized IT companies wherein problem solving abilities are accorded top priority.

Individuals like Xavier and Demodaran strongly believe that all workplaces should ignore the disability factors of autistic individuals and instead focus on their constructive abilities and encourage them by giving equal opportunities in the corporate world.

These positive attributes empower autistic individuals to become prized assets in any corporate workplace and need to be welcomed into all industrial sectors with open arms!

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