Folic Acid may Reduce Autism Risk in Newborn


The latest study, by the Environmental Health Perspectives, has indicated that mothers can reduce the risk of pesticide-related autism by consuming recommended-doses of folic acid during conception and early stages of pregnancy. Pregnancy is one of the most anticipated phases in a woman’s life! The transformation is dramatic, with expectant mothers undergoing physical, emotional and psychological changes. The experience often changes a woman’s view of life and makes her feel responsible for her body, and the health of the child in her womb. In order to ensure a safe pregnancy…

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Psychedelic Drug (MDMA) is Under Study to Aid for Autism


We people take care of diseases mostly associated with the internal organs like heart (cardiac malfunction), liver (hepatic disease), kidney (malfunction in dialysis) etc., except the neurological impairments. How serious the autism is in present days: A neuropsychiatric disorder, autism, has changed the scenario in a few years. As per CDC report of 2008, 1 out of 88 children were with autism, whereas in case of the year 2010, it was 1 out of 68 in U.S. After 2010 there is no CDC report, but a report says that 91%…

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