Social Behavior in Autistic Children Restored with Brain Stimulation


According to new research, neuromodulation can be one of the ways to manage autism spectrum disorder. As per research, the right Crus I (RCrusI) has a significant role to play as far as autism is concerned. This area is not just for co-ordinating movements, but it also affects ASD behaviour. After lots of research, it has been found that any issues with this area can lead to social impairment. According to Dr Peter Tsai, this finding is very important and that though one cannot change the genetic combination of the…

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Autism Education Summit – An Effort to Improve ASD Treatment

Autism has affected millions of lives in this world. Physicians are continuously trying their best to come up with new ways to improve the quality of Autism Spectrum Disorder’s (ASD) treatment. Parents of children with autism are also eager to know about ways that can help their children win over all challenges. To impart valuable knowledge on ASD to the world, and most importantly to the parents of autistic children, the Autism Education Summit is coming to Texas this October. It is going to combine the experience of parents and…

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