Autism Genes are Present in All Human Beings

autism genes

International researchers along with academics from three institutions have established the fact that the genes that are responsible for causing autism are present in all human beings, according to a news report. The team comprised of representatives from the University of Bristol, the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT and the Massachusetts General Hospital, according to the report. The researchers had teamed up to study the relationship between ASD and the traits of the condition exhibited by those, who do not have it. Their findings suggest that the genetic risk…

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5 Crucial Points You Must Know About The Latest CDC Report

According to a recent CDC report on an average 1 among 68 kids are diagnosed with autism, which is strikingly higher than the previous report (made 2 years back) which stated autism was prevalent in 1 out of 88 children. In spite of efforts taken by people, recent CDC reports have been very disappointing. Let us look at their report, which is based on the latest findings on autism. 5 Interesting Facts About the CDC Report from the Monitoring Network Focusing on Autism Disabilities   The first report that came…

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