Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy : A Breakthrough Treatment for Autism

HBOT Chamber

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder And How Does It Affect Children? Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or autism refers to a lifelong mental disorder which prevents a person from communicating with or relating to others effectively. Those who are affected by it, are referred to as “autistic”. This complicated neurobehavioral disorder affects the skill to verbally communicate or interact with people in social atmosphere. The degree of autism may vary from ‘mild’ to ‘severe’ among patients with autism. Although the specific causes for autism still remain a mystery, it is by…

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The Benefits Social Robots Have on Autism

Robotics is one such area that has caught the interest of many because they are easy to deal with as compared to humans. Robots are like humans without the emotional hassles and the feeling of unpredictability, they are far more comfortable to handle because they can repeat actions and do and re-do the same thing over and over again without any sort of irritation or anger. And all you need to do for dealing them is to charge their batteries so that they are always charged up to perform your…

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Support And Treatment Of Autism: A Helpful Guide For Parents

Strong nerve and willingness to help the child in trouble are crucial for the caregivers dealing with autism affected kids. The parent is required to stand strong by the child and take him through the tough time that is unavoidable. First suggestion to the parents is not to delay the process. As soon as you have a faint hint about the abnormal neuro-development of your child, consult a doctor and don’t wait for any further diagnosis. Every parent wants to hear that his/her child is perfectly healthy and happy. Being…

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