Do Fidget Spinners Really Aid in Reducing Anxiety and ADHD? Experts Are Dubious

fidget spinners

You must have heard a lot about fidget spinners by now. These are simple toys with small blades, which whirl in speed. The latest Internet buzz on fidget spinners talks about its theraputic benefits on people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism. The surprising fact is no one even knew about fidget spinners six months back. It’s since December when Forbes designate them as “office toys,” they start getting popular. Aren’t you excited to know do fidget spinners really have healing benefits? When Was Fidget Spinner First Invented?…

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Research Links Obesity with Autism

Obesity is more prevalent among autistic children during adolescence in comparison to those without it, according to a study carried out by a team of researchers from Tufts University School of Medicine. The researchers are of the same opinion on the fact that ASD could have significant health consequences for a child in the long run. To the already known facts about autism, the study adds that while there is a possibility of the figures of obesity showing a downward trend in adolescence in case of children who haven’t been…

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Medical Cannabis for Autistic Children can soon be a Reality

Over the years, autism has emerged as a challenge to the mental well being of children in the United States. Increasing cases pertaining to the diagnosis of children with autism has prompted the concerned department of the country to take effective steps subsequently in order to meet the challenge. In line with the efforts to normalize the lives of autistic patients, the Minnesota Department of Health is considering the possibility of putting autism on the list of conditions wherein medical cannabis can be prescribed to the patients, according to a…

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New Evidence Links Brain Mutation With Autism and Other Disorders

Brain mutation linked to autism

The findings published in “Nature Communications” on July 15, 2015, show the degree to which a mutation connected with epilepsy and autism plays a role in the impairment of a brain’s biochemical process. The researchers at University of Bristol led the study, which may offer a new target for the treatment of neurological diseases. The brain has a huge number of neurons that communicate through releasing chemicals at specific connections known as synapses. For every nerve cell, a thousand synaptic connections are possible with a hundred other neurons. Synapsin 1a,…

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Co-Founder of Autism Speaks Steps Down from Post of Chairman

Autism Speaks

On May 1, 2015, Bob Wright, one of the Co-Founders of ‘Autism Speaks’, stepped down from the post of ‘Chairman of the Board of Directors’. Autism Speaks is a world-renowned advocacy and science institution for autism. It was founded by Mr. Wright and his wife in 2005, when autism diagnosis was made for their grandson. Since then, Mr. Wright worked as the organization’s chairman. The person to be honored with the position of the new Chairman is Brian Kelly, a member of the organization’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors….

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Autism and Higher Intelligence are Linked by Genetic Traits

autism & higher intelligence

Autism is not only an issue of U.S but also for the entire third world countries. It is known to everyone that autism comes with intellectual disorders as well as it is a spectrum of disorders, that’s the reason why it is also named ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders). The main thing to understand about autism is its core reason – autism is purely genetic. Few things are still left to understand about it. It is our responsibility to stay up to date about the new findings and discoveries on it…

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Why is ABA a Controversial Autism Treatment Option?

ABA Therapy

When it comes to treatment of autism, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a well-known treatment option. Many people have reported that the treatment has been quite effective and beneficial for the treatment of their children affected with ASD. There are several special schools that have adopted ABA as a way to teach autistic kids. However, ABA is also surrounded by some controversies, and many special schools are against using this approach for teaching children with autism. Let’s first get an idea of what is ABA and how this approach works,…

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Vaccination and ASD Link: Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

Vaccines and Autism

“Do vaccines cause autism?” – This question has drawn a lot of attention, and almost everyone has been waiting for the correct answer to it. The link between autism and vaccines has become a controversial topic, with mainstream scientists and government on one side, whereas many advocacy groups at the other side. Many parents are confused and scared about the health of their children. Image Courtesy: As said by the advocacy groups, thimerosal, which is a preservative added in vaccines, is harmful to central nervous system, and is accountable…

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Humanoid Robots are Helpful in Autism Treatment

“Aiden, look!” said NAO, a humanoid robot of two feet height, when it pointed towards the flat panel display hung on a distant wall. Aiden, a kid, looked where the humanoid robot was pointing. Aiden, a boy aged 3 ½ years, has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). NAO (pronounced as “now”) is the “frontman” for a system of computers, sensors and cameras designed to help kids like Aiden in learning coordinating attention with objects and people in the environment. Joint attention is the name of this social skill. Normal developing kids…

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How does Phenylketonuria result in Autism?

Autism is a neuropsychiatric disorder and spread all over the world from 1st world country to the 3rd world. This is the most vital reason to worry about this brain disease. Another reason is the cure of this mental retardation. This is because autism is strongly genetic and is an incurable disorder, unlike the other neurological disorders. According to the past and present CDC data report, the number and percentage of autistic children have been found at very increased rate in the U.S. So, # Awareness # Early Diagnosis #…

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