Unusual Treatment at hyperbaric Centers for Dog Bites

Dog bites are nightmares and it’s the last thing we can think of. That’s exactly what went on 8 years old Jimmy Speer’s mind who the least idea that his nose would almost be bitten off by a notorious French bulldog. The incident which happened in Rocklin shocked the little one. Speer underwent pure oxygen therapy along with some clinical intervention at Mercy. The wound which was severe has started to heal, after little Speers was given pure oxygen therapy. Today there are several Hyperbaric Centers across USA.

Hyperbaric Centers

At Mercy the experts offered special hyperbaric treatments facilitating speedier recovery. Jimmy after undergoing cosmetic surgery for his nose started receiving O2 treatments. He especially received oxygen therapy offered to athletes. These oxygen therapies are directed at faster healing of wounds and injuries. Speers was initially taken to a different hospital. Later on he was transferred to a city medical center. Jimmy’s deep wounds have finally healed.

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