Awareness and Empathy Helped Grace Kenitz To Attend 8th Grade Dance

This is the story of Grace Kenitz, a girl who suffers from a rare genetic disorder known as Mitochondrial Cytochrome C Reductase Deficiency since her birth. Refusing to see her daughter hooked up to machines any longer, Mrs. Kenitz decided to venture into the world of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. And within the first year of treatment, Grace was showing miraculous improvements.

Grace is special. But this is not what just her mom thinks.

Recently, Grace had been invited as a special guest to the 8th Grade Dance at Middleton’s Glacier Drumlin Middle School by her friend Nikki Clyce. Along with Grace and her mother who have shown dauntless bravery in the face of incessant adversity, Nikki deserves a standing ovation for showing the entire world what it means to be a friend.

In this video, we see a cheerful Grace who is excited to find for herself the most suitable dress and accessories which she would be wearing in the 8th Grade Dance. Happiness, after all, is the best possible medicine to have ever existed on this planet. Applause for the courage of Mrs. Kenitz and the friendship of Nikki – they are the source of inspiration for all of us.

You can visit the official website to view the original video. Click here.

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