Breakthrough Research: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Shows Promising Results in Treating Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Autism Spectrum Disorder, a.k.a. ASD, is becoming a common neurodevelopmental condition worldwide, affecting patients in diverse ways. Some experience communication challenges, while others complain of repetitive behaviors.

Even though ASD has been around for decades, researchers and the medical fraternity have still not found a treatment that eliminates it from the root cause.

However, plenty of treatments have emerged to tame the symptoms and offer significant relief to ASD patients. Of all the various treatments, HBOT chamber therapy is being hailed as one of the most promising options.

Its non-invasive nature and effectiveness qualify it as a potent treatment for ASD, but there are numerous other benefits as well.

HBOT involves supplying pure oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure, so patients can inhale and easily absorb more oxygen. This increased oxygen supply into the bloodstream helps reduce inflammation, paving the way for notable improvements.

If you’re curious about this treatment and want to learn how it can help ASD patients, read until the end.

HBOT- Things Everyone Must Know

While HBOT chamber therapy is gaining popularity, many still aren’t aware of what it exactly is.

For those, HBOT is a non-invasive, safe, and effective treatment that involves supplying pure oxygen in a specialized chamber. It requires the patient to sit or lie down comfortably inside a specialized chamber.

The sessions then begin by elevating the atmospheric pressure and supplying pure oxygen for better absorbability. A trained and licensed operator monitors the entire session and ensures the patient is secure and comfortable. 

This treatment was initially launched to treat decompression sickness, but its effectiveness made it a preferred choice for treating other conditions as well. From wound healing to radiation injury, psoriasis to mental health conditions like Alzheimer’s–HBOT is being used in several cases.

Medical practitioners have now started relying on HBOT for ASD treatments as well because it helps manage neuroinflammation, improve behavior, manage oxidative stress, and enhance mitochondrial function.

HBOT chamber therapy is also known for strengthening the patient’s immune system, aiding detoxification of heavy metals, and reducing the frequency of seizures.

However, to get these benefits, it is important that patients attend the prescribed number of sessions and only approach a licensed healthcare facility that is well-equipped to perform these sessions.

You must talk to your doctor or search for registered HBOT centers nearby. 

Is HBOT Helpful for ASD Patients?

Yes, HBOT is helpful for ASD patients, and there are plenty of clinical trials and research that echo a similar belief.

For example, a study published in ScienceDirect highlights the effectiveness of HBOT in treating ASD symptoms. In this study, 20 children diagnosed with ASD were given at least 20 sessions of HBOT, each ranging from 1 to 1.5 hours. To test the effectiveness of HBOT, researchers performed MRI perfusion on the patients before and after the 20 sessions.

By the end of the study, it was revealed that there was a significant increase in the blood flow to white matter ratio in different brain regions after HBOT, indicating remarkable improvements.

Another study published in the National Library of Medicine highlights how HBOT sessions helped improve behavioral symptoms in ASD patients.

Children who completed 80 sessions of HBOT showed drastic improvements on the CGI-I scale and the numerous parent-based measures of behavior.

It confirms that HBOT chamber sessions helped improve the participants’ cognitive functions, speech and self-help skills, social interactions, memory, etc.

The sessions also alleviated ASD symptoms like chronic diarrhea, eczema, abdominal distention, and other symptoms, bringing relief and comfort to patients.

Should All ASD Patients Proceed with HBOT Treatment?

HBOT is a potentially safe treatment for ASD patients, but there remain minor chances of temporary side effects.

If you’re considering taking HBOT sessions for yourself or someone in your network diagnosed with ASD, it is recommended to get personalized guidance from a licensed healthcare practitioner.

Share the patient’s full medical history, present health challenges, medication, etc., with the doctor and then proceed if the doctor approves.

Since the sessions last long, some patients may experience temporary side effects like lightheadedness and fatigue. A slight change in vision during the sessions may also be expected, but it isn’t experienced by most.

Hence, even if you receive approval for HBOT for an ASD patient, always get the sessions from a licensed, registered, and well-known facility with the required equipment and trained staff.

Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders with HBOT Chamber Therapy

Autism symptoms aren’t the same in every patient, but they can be treated using a single treatment method.

HBOT chamber therapy, for example, triggers the body’s natural healing properties through an increased supply of pure oxygen, eventually leading to lowering inflammation, oxidative stress, immune dysregulation, cerebral hypoperfusion, etc.

It all brings significant improvements in the patient’s behavior, cognitive abilities, and overall health condition. While further research is still needed to better understand the mechanisms of HBOT and its effectiveness, it is still regarded as one of the safest and non-invasive treatments.

Consult a qualified healthcare professional to weigh the potential benefits and temporary risks based on your health profile for the best results.

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