Why Physicians Prescribe Hyperbaric Therapy for Brain Injury?

Hyperbaric Therapy for Brain Injury

One of the most serious among all public health issues, brain injury often leaves survivors with cognitive, communicative, and behavioral disabilities. To make matters worse, there has been no effective, recognized treatment so far to treat cases of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Given the circumstances, the use of hyperbaric therapy for brain injury has been introduced and subsequently withdrawn as clinical studies offered varying results from time to time. However, not all is a lost cause here, as some experimental trials using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) have shown dramatic improvement for…

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Hyperbaric Treatment Helps Little Dylan Kim Recover from Near Drowning Incident

Hyperbaric Treatment

Dylan Kim, an eighteen month old toddler from Texas, survived a major accident just over six months ago. On the 23rd of March earlier this year, he was found face down in his family’s pool in Sugar Land, Texas. He spent weeks on life support as doctors tried desperately to restore his health. After some time, the hospital where he was admitted told his family to prepare themselves for the possibility of Dylan’s death. His mother said that at one point, young Dylan’s breathing got really shallow and labored. The…

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Michigan Clinic Set to Treat Autism with Hyperbaric Therapy

Hyperbaric Therapy

The Oxford Recovery Center in Brighton, Michigan, is a dedicated clinic that has been set up with a focused approach to treating autism with hyperbaric therapy. Dr. Tami Peterson, the innovative founder, has just moved her decade-old center from South Lyon to a brand new 24,000 sqft facility in Brighton. JeAnnah Powell, Tami’s daughter was just 9 years old when she was diagnosed with viral encephalitis that lead to her having intermittent seizures, blindness, and other cognitive impairments. Thereafter, Tami consulted a specialist in hyperbaric therapy in Detroit and commenced…

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All You Need to Know about Autism Treatment by HBOT

autism treatment with HBOT

Recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have indicated that about 1 in 59 children are being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in the United States, annually. Moreover, this number is slated to increase further unless adequate treatment is not provided at the earliest. Autism Spectrum Disorder is and has been posing to be a serious health concern amongst the world community. In recent years, medical professionals have been recommending Autism treatment by HBOT to patients, as this non-invasive therapy is believed to offer the…

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Aid for Autism Training for First Responders Included in NYS Budget

Aid for Autism

As per recent research reports, there are an estimated 3.5 million autistic individuals living in the United States currently. The medical fraternity has observed that one in sixty-eight children suffer from autism spectrum disorders or ASD in the nation today. These statistics have prompted the entire community to adopt certain measures to promote awareness about autism spectrum disorders, thereby ensuring that autistic individuals get the required help during times of distress or emergency. It is imperative for individuals in a society to understand that autism is a serious health condition…

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Motor Difficulties Forecast Language Troubles in Autism

Language Troubles in Autism

Autism is a neuro-developmental problem that leads to impairment in social interaction, development of language and communication skills, and behavioral skills. The signs and symptoms of this phenomenon tend to show up at an early age of 2-3 years in a child. As of yet the exact cause of Autism is yet to be determined. One of the few important aspects that may be used to identify language trouble in autism is motor theory. It is characterized by several symptoms like arm flapping, grimacing, failing to imitate skilled actions /…

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Study Shows High Anxiety Levels in Young Autistic Children

Aid for Autism

Young autistic children may find difficult to adapt to regular social activities like other normal children particularly at their school, where there is an increased risk of being oppressed by other students. But there are certain autistic children who have their own strategies to deal with the autistic spectrum and manage the situation better. This makes it difficult for teachers to differentiate those children and also to find the anxiety levels in young autistic children. When these children try to appear normal, that activity requires a lot of energy and…

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A Few Tips to Make This Halloween Memorable for Children with Autism

Few Tips to Make This Halloween Memorable for Children with Autism

Halloween is here! This is the time when every child dresses up and heads towards their neighborhood in hope of a treat.However, this festive time poses a great challenge to the parents who have kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Most of the autistic children do not like things which are out of ordinary, like dressing up for school parties in an odd manner, and trick-or-treating. How should parents handle this situation? Let’s try to find a perfect solution to address this issue. Psychiatrists and Autism experts have suggested that…

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Larry King to be Honored for Autism Advocacy


Larry King, the famous American radio and television host, will be acknowledged for his immense contribution in the advocacy of autism on the 11th of November 2017 at the D.R.E.A.M gala 2017 of Autism Movement Therapy. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is the name given to a group of similar neurodevelopmental conditions that impact the nervous system. The disorder impairs social and communication skills and is characterized by repetitive behavior. ‘Autism’ was first used by a Swiss psychiatrist known as Eugen Bleuler in the year 1911. He used this term while…

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Professorship seeks to Go Toward Exploring New Treatments for Autism


A neuroscientist and specialist in magnetoencephalographic brain imaging, Sam Doesburg is going to carry out research on the potential of new treatments for improving Autism. To start this new venture, he will be joining Simon Fraser University (SFU) as the new Callum Frost Professor of Translational Research in autism. Doesburg’s investigation involves finding out how hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) provides relief and betters the condition of kids affected by autistic disorder. He will be provided with the hyperbaric oxygen chamber of SFU to conduct his entire research – the sole…

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