Are Hyperbaric Chambers a Powerful Tool for Treating Autism?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy an Effective Alternative Treatment for Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological condition that impacts a child’s behavioral, social, and communication skills. It can lead to significant challenges and impairments in basic cognitive and motor functions over time. As per reports, statistics have revealed that one out of 59 children in the United States is affected by ASD on an average basis. Early signs of autism in children are known to set in anywhere between the ages of 1 to 3. Recovery for an autistic child experiencing both physical and mental health challenges is attainable…

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How Has HBOT Become a Promising Avenue for Autism Treatment?

Treatments for Autism

Raising a child with autism may feel like an uphill battle; there are tremendous responsibilities along with continuously supervising the child. Being a mother of an autistic child, I had a ceaseless quest to find effective treatment and therapies for my daughter, Ella. Whenever I came across other parents of autistic children or any article related to autism, I used to become curious to know more about the treatments and therapies. Once, I met a lady at a function, whose nephew was an autistic child. Through a healthy conversation with…

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Alleviating Autism Symptoms with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is known to affect 1 in 54 children in the United States alone. These estimates provided by the Centers For Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) have prompted the medical fraternity to seek viable treatment solutions that can improve the health condition of patients battling autism-related complications. How Can Autism Spectrum Disorder Affect Children? Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can have a debilitating impact on the basic cognitive abilities of children. The afflicted children are often known to display the following ASD-related symptoms between…

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5 Reasons To Invest In A Hyperbaric Chamber

buy a hyperbaric chamber

The popularity of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) as a favored treatment solution has reached greater heights as top athletes competing at the highest level increasingly use this treatment as a regular part of their fitness and recovery program. Renowned sportspersons such as basketball star – LeBron James and swimmer Michael Phelps are believed to have relied on HBOT therapy regularly to promote faster healing and enhance their on-field performance. HBOT is also known to aid athletes to recover from injuries sustained during the games. This phenomenon is encouraging users worldwide…

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HBOT Therapy: Is it Good for Autism?

HBOT For Autism

Autism is emerging as a common health disorder in people worldwide, especially in children. It is a developmental disability that can create serious problems related to repetitive behaviors, social communication, restricted behaviors, interaction, and more. People diagnosed with autism generally have a distinct way of playing, paying attention, learning, moving, communicating, etc. While there are conventional treatment methods, people are now looking for alternative treatment options that are less invasive yet effective. It is where the role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT comes into the picture. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy…

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Why Physicians Prescribe Hyperbaric Therapy for Brain Injury?

Hyperbaric Therapy for Brain Injury

One of the most serious among all public health issues, brain injury often leaves survivors with cognitive, communicative, and behavioral disabilities. To make matters worse, there has been no effective, recognized treatment so far to treat cases of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Given the circumstances, the use of hyperbaric therapy for brain injury has been introduced and subsequently withdrawn as clinical studies offered varying results from time to time. However, not all is a lost cause here, as some experimental trials using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) have shown dramatic improvement for…

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How can HBOT Alleviate Persistent Post Concussion Symptoms? 

hyperbaric therapy for brain injury

The significance of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to mitigate recurring post-concussion symptoms was once again confirmed in a controlled crossover medical study, held recently. To improve the quality of life for a suffering patient, hyperbaric therapy for brain injury was found to be effective following the treatment of army veterans, and a few civilians. The crossover study that depicted HBOT as a potent form of treatment for post-concussion symptoms is definitely the climax that staggers over thirty years of research. Incidentally, it is also the very first clinical study that considers both…

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Hyperbaric Therapy for Autism: The Effects on Child Patients

autism treatment with HBOT

Autism spectrum disorder, also known as ASD, is a neurodevelopmental disorder typically involving persistent problems with social interaction and reciprocal communication. Restrictive and repetitive movements, behaviors, and interests are also some important hallmarks of autism. Symptoms of autism are typically present during the early developmental phase of the child and might cause impairment in social, educational, and behavioral development. Among American children no older than eight years of age, the prevalence of ASD has been estimated to be about 54 percent. Autism spectrum disorders can manifest differently, and to different…

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Hyperbaric Treatment Helps Little Dylan Kim Recover from Near Drowning Incident

Hyperbaric Treatment

Dylan Kim, an eighteen month old toddler from Texas, survived a major accident just over six months ago. On the 23rd of March earlier this year, he was found face down in his family’s pool in Sugar Land, Texas. He spent weeks on life support as doctors tried desperately to restore his health. After some time, the hospital where he was admitted told his family to prepare themselves for the possibility of Dylan’s death. His mother said that at one point, young Dylan’s breathing got really shallow and labored. The…

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Meghan King Edmonds’ Son Stands Up for the First Time After Irreversible Brain Damage

Hyperbaric Therapy

Meghan King Edmonds of the Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC) fame has revealed that her young son Hart is making great progress in his treatment after having been diagnosed with “irreversible brain damage” soon after birth. The 14 month-old Hart King recently stood up for the first time, taking independently to his feet with no help. This incident was captured in a video and shared on Instagram and other social media platforms by Hart’s mother Meghan. Meghan had revealed, via an emotional blog post in July, that one of…

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