5 Reasons To Invest In A Hyperbaric Chamber

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The popularity of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) as a favored treatment solution has reached greater heights as top athletes competing at the highest level increasingly use this treatment as a regular part of their fitness and recovery program.

Renowned sportspersons such as basketball star – LeBron James and swimmer Michael Phelps are believed to have relied on HBOT therapy regularly to promote faster healing and enhance their on-field performance. HBOT is also known to aid athletes to recover from injuries sustained during the games. This phenomenon is encouraging users worldwide to buy hyperbaric chambers.

Many athletes buy hyperbaric chambers that are portable as these devices can be carried to sporting events across the world.

Currently, individuals from all walks of life are adopting HBOT therapy as a relief measure for recovering from varied medical conditions.

However, an individual must consider a few aspects of this treatment solution before buying a hyperbaric chamber. Listed herewith are certain factors that provide a better insight into this treatment solution:

What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Physicians have relied on oxygen since decades to naturally treat a wide range of disorders.

Since the 1960s’, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been used by medical experts to provide relief for varied ailments such as:

  • Decompression sickness in naval divers
  • Gas embolism
  • Non-healing wounds
  • Radiation injuries
  • Burn Injuries
  • Toxic poisoning

Over the past decade, researchers have also been discovering numerous advantages of this age-old therapy, whilst treating individuals for afflictions such as:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Post-concussion syndrome

HBOT is an adjunctive solution that can be prescribed alongside other conventional treatment methods.

What Is The Process Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

During HBOT therapy, the patient is placed in the air-tight hyperbaric chamber, where unadulterated, 100 percent oxygen is administered at enhanced pressures, varying from 1.2 to 3 times greater than normal atmospheric pressure found at sea level. The increased air pressure helps the body fluids dissolve into the body fluids to provide additional oxygen to the injured body parts promoting faster healing.

The oxygen-rich environment brings about significant changes in the physiology of the patients, aiding their recovery process.

What Are the Various Types Of Chambers Available In The Market?

Hyperbaric chambers can be classified into three types:

  • Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber can be used by a single user at a given time and can be set up at a residence.
  • Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber can be used to administer HBOT to multiple individuals in a single treatment session and is usually suggested for medical centers and hospitals.
  • Portable Hyperbaric Chamber – can be carried to any location and set up with ease.

5 Reasons to Invest in a Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

Here are the top 5 reasons for which an individual can buy a portable hyperbaric chamber have been listed herewith:

  1. Effective Treatment Of Injuries:

Most athletes playing contact sports such as football are prone to injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussions during games or strenuous training regimens. The world of sports is highly competitive, and there is only a limited window for a player to regain fitness post an injury and return to the game.

Long-distance runners are often known to suffer from a medical condition known as compartment syndrome.

With over 3 million TBI cases being reported in the US annually, recovery has become the prime objective for patients ailing from these conditions.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is known to induce quicker recovery in individuals afflicted by TBI, knee injuries, fractures, and compartment syndrome by

  • Reducing muscle fatigue
  • Quicker regeneration of bone and cartilage
  • Enhanced stem cell proliferation
  • Decreasing exhaustion levels
  • Limiting inflammation in and around injured areas

    2. Improves Performance And Focus:

Patients afflicted with neurodegenerative cognitive conditions, like autism and Parkinson’s, have been observed to display remarkable improvement post their HBOT treatment.

The enhanced levels of pressurized oxygen in the body fluids are believed to aid in curtailing damage inflicted on the brain tissues in the patients. Medical experts have observed that HBOT encourages the growth of fresh nerve cells in the brain, known as neurogenesis.

Physicians are known to have observed significant improvement in the cognitive abilities of patients such as speech, motor skills, and concentration, post their hyperbaric therapy sessions.

   3. Combats Infections:

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is known to improve the immunity levels in the body by neutralizing harmful bacteria and effectively countering infections.

   4. Accelerates Wound Healing:

Patients with non-healing diabetic wounds or injuries sustained during radiation treatments for cancer are relying on HBOT extensively. The increased tissue oxygenation levels induced during hyperbaric treatment are believed to elevate the body’s ability to regenerate fresh tissues and blood vessels through a process known as angiogenesis.

   5. Privacy And Mobility:

Portable hyperbaric chambers are the most preferred options for individuals undergoing HBOT to carry out sessions while traveling. Buying a hyperbaric chamber offers privacy and mobility during HBOT therapy. These chambers can be transported to any location and installed with relative ease.

These above-mentioned five reasons provide users with a better perspective on the efficacy of HBOT before they buy a hyperbaric chamber.

Buying a hyperbaric chamber is a personal decision. Investing in a chamber can reduce long-term costs, for sure, while also preventing one from running to the doctor’s clinic every now and then.

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