Meghan King Edmonds’ Son Stands Up for the First Time After Irreversible Brain Damage

Hyperbaric Therapy

Meghan King Edmonds of the Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC) fame has revealed that her young son Hart is making great progress in his treatment after having been diagnosed with “irreversible brain damage” soon after birth.

The 14 month-old Hart King recently stood up for the first time, taking independently to his feet with no help. This incident was captured in a video and shared on Instagram and other social media platforms by Hart’s mother Meghan.

Meghan had revealed, via an emotional blog post in July, that one of her twin sons had been diagnosed with irreversible brain damage soon after birth.

However, she has since been sharing Hart’s journey to recovery with her followers on social media, and the boy seems to be making rapid progress with the help of some alternative treatment techniques such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

Quick Recovery for Little Hart

Sharing the video of her little son on his feet, Edmonds excitedly told her followers that Hart had stood on his own two feet for the first time on Monday. Going into further detail, she said that Hart had stood by himself for almost a full minute, which indicates that his treatment is working well.

Edmonds also posted a photo of Hart showing off his newfound standing skills, along with a caption that revealed her mother (Hart’s grandmother) had been there at the time of the miraculous incident. She also revealed that Hart was a week into the process of intensive therapy, and he was already showing great signs of improvement.

When he had stood up for a full minute, Hart had not been in therapy, although his physiotherapist had reportedly been there with him. While sharing her thoughts, Edmonds called this moment an incredible and special one.

Apart from Hart, Meghan Edmonds has had two other children with her husband Jim Edmonds. Their daughter is called Aspen and is 2½ years old. The boys, Hart and Hayes, are twins. Soon after the twins’ birth, Hart was diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia, a rare condition that affected both sides of his brain. His parents were told that he was at risk for cerebral palsy.

The Role of Hyperbaric Therapy in Hart’s Recovery

After the diagnosis, Meghan got Hart into various therapies and alternative treatment procedures, in the hopes of seeing some recovery. And while the recovery was slow to begin with, her efforts seem to have paid off in the end. One of the treatment options she chose was the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which increases the supply of oxygen in the brain.

Posting a photo of herself giving Hart a kiss on the cheek, Meghan wrote:

“Four times a week either Jimmy or I ‘dive’ with Hart in a hyperbaric compressed oxygen chamber (HBOT). After 5 dives we are already seeing progress.”

Edmonds credits a combination of HBOT, chiropractor visits, and physical therapy for her son’s rapid recovery. Cheering Hart on, she confessed that she has left no stone unturned to help her child get better, ever since learning about his illness.

The very next day, Edmonds shared a video in Instagram, of her son standing up and moving independently between the coffee table and the couch. She captioned the post saying that he was making great progress.

How Hyperbaric Therapy Works

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) works by increasing the supply of oxygen in the patient’s body and brain. During an HBOT session, the patient enters a pressurized vessel known as the hyperbaric chamber. Inside, 100 percent pure oxygen is administered to the patient under heightened atmospheric pressure levels which can often be two to five times higher than normal pressure at sea level.

This enables the oxygen to dissolve quickly into the bodily fluids, such as plasma and the spinal fluid. These fluids carry the oxygen to the injured parts of the brain, which had so far been deprived of adequate oxygen supply because of damaged blood vessels and inflammation. The oxygen in turn speeds up the recovery process by remedying damaged tissues, facilitating angiogenesis, and reducing inflammation.

Over the years, doctors have prescribed hyperbaric therapy for a range of ailments, including post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, and autism spectrum disorders. Cerebral palsy, motor disorders, and several other developmental issues are also treated with the help of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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