Traveling with an autistic child

Many families who have an autistic child do not travel because they are concerned about how the child will handle the change and disruption, or are overwhelmed at the thought of managing the certain behaviors their child might exhibit in public. Leaving the security of home to a new place can be off putting for a child with autism. All the preparation may seem a bit daunting, but it pays to plan ahead. Traveling with an autistic child does take some preparation and a bit of creativity so that we all can have an enjoyable and safe trip. Our loved one with autism handles traveling much better whenever he uses his motorized scooter or a wheelchair than not. He is then able to tolerate the crowds, fast pace, and various sights, sounds and smells of train stations, waiting rooms and baggage claim areas. And, keeping up with us to board and unboard is no longer an issue. An electric scooter or a wheelchair is also used during certain day trips, especially long ones. Now traveling together is less stressful and more fun for all of us.

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