Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy : A Breakthrough Treatment for Autism

HBOT A Breakthrough Treatment for Autism

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder And How Does It Affect Children?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or autism refers to a lifelong mental disorder which prevents a person from communicating with or relating to others effectively. Those who are affected by it, are referred to as “autistic”. This complicated neurobehavioral disorder affects the skill to verbally communicate or interact with people in social atmosphere.

The degree of autism may vary from ‘mild’ to ‘severe’ among patients with autism. Although the specific causes for autism still remain a mystery, it is by and large, attributed to genetic factors. The other factors include certain prenatal factors such as consumption of antidepressants, nutritional defeciencies and infection during pregnancy.

Diagnosis Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Experts believe that the signs of autism appear in early childhood initially and aggravate as an autistic child grows up. In certain cases, a child may inherit it at birth as well. Furthermore, the symptoms appear in autistic children up to three years of age, making them the most vulnerable to be diagnosed of the disorder.

Autism in chidren remains a serious cause for concern for parents. It is recommended that parents should visit a doctor immediately when they observe a retarded development in the cognitive, emotional and social aspects of their children. An early diagnosis of ASD coupled with proper treatment helps control its detrimental effects on a child. The quicker this happens, the better.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy As A Remedy For Autism Spectrum Disorder

The advancement of medical science makes it possible to treat autistic people with an effective therapy called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provides a viable option for treatment to patients with seizure disorders like epilepsy. A study indicates that about 39% of people affected by autism in USA suffer from seizure disorders, like epilepsy. The term ‘hyperbaric’ refers to high pressure. This therapy boosts the immunity of a patient’s body by subjecting them to oxygen inside a body chamber with an increased atmosperic pressure in a controlled manner. The atmospheric pressure is increased up to three times the normal atmospheric pressure.

The treatment for autism is centered upon the idea that the immunity of cells in the body of an individual is proportional to the concentration of oxygen in blood cells. In other words, the presence of a healthy concentration of oxygen while blood flows from one cell to another, enhances the healing capacity of cells.

Red Blood Cells (RBCs) carry oxygen to different parts of the human body. HBOT helps dissolve oxygen in body fluids and transport it to those parts of the body where circulation is either reduced or blocked. This results in an additional supply of oxygen to the damaged cells. The process of healing starts on its own in the body as soon as oxygen reaches the tissues which are damaged. With an increased supply of oxygen, White Blood Cells (WBCs) become more capable to fight against bacteria. Moreover, HBOT relieves swelling and allows a rapid growth of newer blood vessels into the affected parts of the body.

It is a proven fact that a healthy supply of oxygen promotes the healing capacity of the body. A majority of illnesses and chronic conditions occur due to lack of an adequate supply of oxygen to the damaged areas, which diminishes the healing capacity of the body and causes dysfunction. HBOT as an advanced therapy, seeks to cure a patient by eliminating the root cause of the issue.

Though not approved by the FDA for the treatment of autism, the biggest advantage of HBOT is that it is a simple treatment, which is non-invasive and does not cause any pain. Its side effects are minimal and limited to barotrauma which may be caused to ears and sinuses due to the difference in pressure.

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