The Role of Immersive Virtual Reality In Helping Autistic Children Overcome Phobias

virtual realty for autism

Medical research is evolving at a frenetic pace with new technological advancements being discovered on a daily basis. There has always been a constant quest to find the best treatment solution for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Third Eye Technologies has created an innovative platform in Consett, County Durham, UK, known as the ‘Blue Room’. The ‘Blue Room’ is a concept wherein Immersive Virtual Reality is being used to treat children with ASD. The Newcastle University Team is working in tandem with Third Eye Technologies to provide this treatment….

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Autistic Patients Have More Synapses Than Normal


There are many neuropsychiatric disorders, but autism is the only one which is found as an incurable one because of its strong genetic basis. Apart from that in case of the adult autistic patients, the autistic disorders may turn into another brain disorder like epilepsy with symptoms of random seizure. Although autism can’t be neglected, it can’t be cured as well so, we are trying to find out different diagnostic parameters to get another issues, which are also responsible besides the wrong genomic expressions for autistic disabilities.   Different Diagnostic…

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