Research Links Obesity with Autism

Obesity is more prevalent among autistic children during adolescence in comparison to those without it, according to a study carried out by a team of researchers from Tufts University School of Medicine. The researchers are of the same opinion on the fact that ASD could have significant health consequences for a child in the long run. To the already known facts about autism, the study adds that while there is a possibility of the figures of obesity showing a downward trend in adolescence in case of children who haven’t been…

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Is Your Child Autistic? What Parents Should Know About the Spectrum

The Center for Disease Control estimates that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects nearly three million Americans, roughly every 1 in 68 children. This often misunderstood brain disorder inhibits normal social interactions, and sometimes verbal communication. Previously doctors would diagnose a child as autistic. Now they diagnose autism on a five-point range, with classical autism being the most severe condition. Children with autism tend to show signs when they are two or three years old. Sometimes signs can show up as early as infancy. Autistic children don’t make regular eye contact,…

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New Evidence Links Brain Mutation With Autism and Other Disorders

Brain mutation linked to autism

The findings published in “Nature Communications” on July 15, 2015, show the degree to which a mutation connected with epilepsy and autism plays a role in the impairment of a brain’s biochemical process. The researchers at University of Bristol led the study, which may offer a new target for the treatment of neurological diseases. The brain has a huge number of neurons that communicate through releasing chemicals at specific connections known as synapses. For every nerve cell, a thousand synaptic connections are possible with a hundred other neurons. Synapsin 1a,…

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Adult Autism Needs More Attention

Adult autism

Autism is not curable as it is strongly genetic, but we can avoid the severity of autistic disorder if autism or ASDs (Autism Spectrum Disorders) is diagnosed at an early stage of life, on or before the age of three. But autistic symptoms are not only diagnosed or expressed in children; the same autistic disorders or ASDs (Autism Spectrum Disorders) are also found in adults. According to CDC data report of 2010, autism or autistic symptoms are found in 1 out of 68 children in U.S but far less attention…

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