Hyperbaric Therapy for Autism: How Can HBOT Treat Children Having Muted Fear Response?

Hyperbaric Therapy for Autism

One of the most talked-about neurodevelopmental disorders, autism in children, has reportedly shown muted responses to general human feelings. Children are often credulous, and they are known to express their feelings more profoundly compared to an adult. Thus, moments of joy, anger, anxiety, or fear elicits a wide range of emotions. However, when facing a circumstance that would otherwise make a child afraid, an autistic child grows weirdly silent. As they continue to confront such situations, a series of verbal as well as non-verbal communication make way for such repetitive…

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Is Your Child Autistic? What Parents Should Know About the Spectrum


The Center for Disease Control estimates that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects nearly three million Americans, roughly every 1 in 68 children. This often misunderstood brain disorder inhibits normal social interactions, and sometimes verbal communication. Previously doctors would diagnose a child as autistic. Now they diagnose autism on a five-point range, with classical autism being the most severe condition. Children with autism tend to show signs when they are two or three years old. Sometimes signs can show up as early as infancy. Autistic children don’t make regular eye contact,…

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The Challenges Christmas Bring On Your Autistic Child


Christmas is that time of the year when you can smell festivity all around you with friends catching up and extended families meeting for brunches or Christmas dinner exchanging gifts over a glass of champagne. All of this does sound like a lot of fun where everybody seems very excited about having the time of their life during these few days. But little did we pay attention to the kids who suffer from autism because they find all this extremely uncomfortable and mostly very claustrophobic. So many people around them…

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Tips to Gear Up Your Autistic Child for a Holiday

Holiday is one such family extravaganza that people do not wish to miss out on specially after slogging tirelessly at work for months, a holiday is the much-needed break that people yearn for. But can you plan a holiday if your child suffers from autism? The chances automatically become low but one should never miss out on opportunities that promise a nice holiday. So if you wish to take your family out for a vacation then prior to that you must give some special attention to your child and prepare…

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