What’s Behind the Dramatic Rise in Autism cases?


We all know how vital autism is. Autism does not come with a single disorder unlike other neurological disorders. Besides this, autism is spread all over the world from 1st world country to the 3rd world country.

For evidence we can check the CDC reports.

According to the 2007 data report, 1 out of 88 children was diagnosed with autistic disorders, but according to the data report of 2010, 1 out of 68 children was found, which still continues.

So, if we compare the data of 2007 and 2010, then it is clear enough to say that, the autistic cases have increased dramatically with time and year.

But what’s the reason behind this?

First, let us focus on our subject.

What is Autism?

Autism is a neuropsychiatric disorder, which actually comes with multiple disorders. That’s the reason why it is called ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders). Not only that but the core reason of this brain disorder is rooted in the human genome. Autism is a core genetic disorder, and if it is neglected, then this brain disorder associated with different social skill impairments can turn into another brain disorder. In most of the cases, epileptic conditions are found at the later stage.

Let us go through the ASD symptoms now,

#Lack of verbal communication

#Lack of eye contact

#Learning disabilities

#Repetitive behavior

#Stereotyped behavior

#Cognitive disabilities

Reasons behind the Dramatic Increase of Autistic individuals:

Actually no specific reasons are found behind this issue, but multiple facts are there.

Stefan Hansen, the lead researcher of public health at Aarhus University said, “That the increase until now has been left more or less unexplained has undoubtedly raised considerable concern among the public and might, in fact, have affected some parents’ health decisions regarding their child,”

We were talking about the facts but according to the statement of the lead researcher of Aarhus University, the thing is more or less unexplained. Although autism facts are still under study but we can go through some facts and issues which may be responsible for this increased rate.

#Awareness: It is a big parameter to judge the issue of increased rate of autism. Autism is declared as an incurable brain disease because of no finding of gene therapy, but we can reduce the hyperactivity of autistic symptoms by early treatment of this neuropsychiatric disorder. To treat early, we need to diagnose the autistic symptoms as early as possible. So, at the childhood stage, the diagnosis of an autistic individual should be done on or before the age of three. People and parents must be aware of it, otherwise it may turn into epileptic condition at the later stage.

#Clinical Diagnostic Parameter: As the diagnosis is totally based on the symptoms of psychiatric or behavioural disorders, so clinical parameters become less important, but they must be involved to ensure whether an individual has autistic symptoms or not.

Different studies find out different reasons and diagnostic parameters which are linked to ASD.

#Excessive level of testosterone in male child, when it is in the fetus tends to make the child an autistic one.

#Lack of oxytocin and serotonin is found responsible for the sleep disorder.

#Fetal brain attacking antibodies in the mothers’ womb at the prenatal stage of an autistic one because 23% of autistic cases in U.S are found due to fetal brain attacking antibodies.

But as autism or ASD is strongly genetic, so these clinical symptoms are still not used to diagnose before a child is born.

#Environmental Factors: The most controversial issue behind the reason of increased rate of autistic patients. Hansen again talked about it -“The increase in the observed autism prevalence is not due alone to environmental factors that we have not yet discovered.”

So, if we want to draw a line of conclusion, then autism is a unique brain disorder unlike others, which needs more study to reveal the unrevealed matters of it. Moreover, according to the points mentioned above, we need to be aware of autism more, and need to use and utilize the clinical parameters till the date we get an ultimate cure of it.

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