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Autism can be easily identified as the social and cognitive skills impairment which affects a child’s behavior making him a social outcast from mainstream society. That’s not all, the most disheartening aspect of this problem is that fact that it is a lifelong disorder with no medical treatment which can completely uproot this problem from your health system. So, do you think you should sit back and complain? No, is the definite answer. Instead of lamenting, it is time for you to take control of the situation and make the most of the available opportunities. Let’s have an overview on autism.

Signs and Symptoms

Sometimes diagnosing autism can be a tricky part because you are unable to comprehend whether the traits are autistic or is it just a whim since the child is too young. And that is why we are here at your rescue. The following list will give you the list of symptoms.

  • Even after crossing 1 year age, if they still fail to respond back at their name being called.
  • If they fail to make eye contact and prefer staying alone all the time
  • They are not able to speak broken words at a young age and fail to develop their language skills.
  • Have a tendency to repeat words over a long-span of time.
  • Have a very erratic mood pattern and also shows traits of mood swings.

The Pattern of Diagnosis

The most difficult aspect of autism is the lack of any clinical procedure to detect autism like a blood test or any othe form of medical test. The only way to diagnose this disorder is through critically observing and of course looking for the above mentioned symptoms of the child’s behavior. However, detecting ASD becomes an easy process when the child’s age is anywhere between 18 months to 2 years.

The Medical Treatment

Unfortunately, there is no medical treatment that can erase autism completely from a child or an adult’s health. But there are procedures that can keep the symptoms and the effects of this disorder under control. Detecting autism traits at an early age is always beneficial because it shows signs of improvement in a child’s health. However, the clinical success of hyperbaric oxygen therapy has shown great results in improving the child’s condition. The other relevant medical practices are speech and behavioral therapy.

The Risk Factors

There are certain risk factors involved when detecting autism or even diagnosing it. Hence, we should focus more on trying to understand the risks involved.

  • Scientists are of the opinion that the probability of autism doubles up if there are people in the family who suffer from it.
  • Children who are born premature or slightly under weight also have high chances of being autistic.
  • The chances of a child being born autistic increases when the would be mother has poor health conditions and is exposed to air pollution.

It is important for couples planning a baby to keep these things in mind so that they can take all the preventive measures that is necessary.

Here’s to hoping that this overview will help you to know which necessary steps you must take.

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