Food For Thought – Tips To Prevent Eating Disorder


There is a reason as to why autistic kids try to stay away from people and inside their nutshell. The reason is, they are often made the butt of all jokes because of their awkward behavior. At such a young age, kids are bound to be insensitive and tend to make fun at other’s expense. Hence, the most important thing to do is train these kids from a very early age so that there is not much scope for them to get bullied by their peers. Eating disorder is one common aspect for them to get bullied. So today, let us give all our attention to this particular habit.

Tips on How to Improve your Autistic Child’s Eating Habit

Awkward ways of eating can get a little annoying for you and can also give people a reason to laugh at your child. Instead of complaining and shouting at him, it is important for you to keep your cool and guide them to take the necessary steps in order to prevent it. Always remember, they did not choose the life that they have, they were born with it. So give them the tips that will help them to improve their current condition.

  • Take the help of a mirror – It is difficult for the kids to understand what is going wrong with them while they are eating. In order to help them realize this, keep a mirror right in front while they are eating always helps. By doing this, they can see themselves in the mirror and others who are sitting in the dinner table. Once they understand the difference, it will be easy for them to know where they are going wrong and rectify those.
  • Try to use gestures to rectify them – It is necessary that you pinpoint them whenever they are going wrong. The easiest way of letting them know this is with the help of gestures. Show them that whatever they are doing is not right but there are situations when you cannot tell this to them verbally. That is when these gestures come handy in letting them know that what they are doing is wrong and they should correct it.
  • Give them the handy tips – What you can do to help them is, give them certain tips that would help them to control the mess while eating. For instance, take small bites or morsels so that the food is properly stuffed inside their mouth without spilling. Also tell them to use the napkin at regular intervals to wipe their face in case their face turns messy with food all over the place. These two basic habits when mastered properly can help your child to eat normally.

These are some of the easy tips that help kids to master the art of proper eating and abiding by the table manners. Once they excel in maintaining it, there is no room for any awkwardness and their peers will no longer make fun.


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