5 Crucial Points You Must Know About The Latest CDC Report


According to a recent CDC report on an average 1 among 68 kids are diagnosed with autism, which is strikingly higher than the previous report (made 2 years back) which stated autism was prevalent in 1 out of 88 children. In spite of efforts taken by people, recent CDC reports have been very disappointing.

Let us look at their report, which is based on the latest findings on autism.

5 Interesting Facts About the CDC Report from the Monitoring Network Focusing on Autism Disabilities  

  • The first report that came out in 2000 and 2002 showed 1 among 150 kids were detected with autism. The figures showed an increase in the rate of autism by 2006 where it settled for 1 among 110. The 2008 report concluded 1 among 88 children suffer from this problem. This figure continued till the recent CDC report which now states that 1 out 68 kids are detected with autism. The alarming increase in autism among kids is focused in the United States.


  • There is a positive aspect behind the dark cloud of autism. And it is cited in the report, 46% of the children diagnosed with autism have an intellectual ability that is way above average.


  • The autism rate was higher among the white kids as compared to the black kids. Going by the figures, autism among the former group of kids is 1 out of 63 and in the latter group, it is 1 out of 81.


  • In the initial years, detecting autism was not possible until a child crossed 4 years of age. But all thanks to the advancement medical science has made over the years, detecting autism is now possible by the time the kid is age 2.


  • Autism rate is higher almost 5 times higher among boys than among girls. The CDC report also highlighted that if the occurrence of autism in boys is 1 in 42, then among girls, it is 1 in 189.


The need of the hour is to tighten things up in order to stop this ill-fated disorder from destroying a kid’s life. So, let us all do our bit to bring in the much-needed change.

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