Autism: Causes and Stats


Autism: The Causes

Well, let’s be frank; we humans are still unaware of what causes Autism, despite the many theories, which, at best allow just speculations that range from a state of hypoxia (lack of oxygen in certain areas of the brain) to high fever, infection, birth-related traumas, exposure to harmful minerals, vaccinations or just plain nutritional deficiencies.

Often, it has been noticed that an abnormal flow of blood in the brain also marks an onset for autism, but so far, no cure has been found for the disease. Preventive measures; however, are thus the best that medical science can offer and despite there have been found new and revolutionary means to treat this condition, none has given the promising results as much as a treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen.

Autism: The Stats

1. Individuals suffering from Autism in the United States: 1.5 million.
2. Individuals being affected with autism every year: 11% to 16%.
3. Growth rate since 1990: 172%

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