Autism’s False Prophets – Pros and Cons


Autism's False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a Cure

Autism’s False Prophets is a must read for any parent who has questioned their decision about vaccinating their autistic child , is delaying getting vaccines because of worries about reports of links between vaccines and autism, and everyone else who wants more information about the quest for treatment for autism, why vaccines were blamed for the rise in autism, and what may have motivated everyone involved in the autism debate.

  • Details all of the players in the vaccine debate
  • Easy to read, even for people without a medical background
  • Provides a history of autism ‘cures’ that don’t work
  • Gives the viewpoint of parents of children with autism who do not think that vaccines were to blame
  • A timeline and appendix with biographies would have made it easier to put everything together
  • Learn about the conflicts behind the people who are against vaccines
  • Describes facilitated communication, secretin, and other treatments once touted as cures for autism
  • Review the scientific debate on the safety of vaccines
  • Watch a case unfold in vaccine court

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