Deciphering symptoms of Autism in your child


Autism is normally a condition that affects young children who are in the age group of around three to four years. But, parents need not worry about the problem of autism since several methods are being followed to treat autism in children.

Many parents are of the doubt regarding the kind of behavior displayed by a child dealing with autism. If you are a parent having such doubt, you can have a look at the following autism behavior checklist or the symptoms and find whether your child is facing the problem of autism:

  • The most common behavior exhibited by the children with autism is that, the child shows repetitive behavior in demands and speech.
  • The speech exhibited by the children with autism might not be coherent and it would be difficult for the caregivers and the parents to understand what the child is saying.
  • A normal child generally shows interest in the moving objects around him/her, but a child with autism will show lack of interest in the movement of objects around him/her.
  • If the child with autism is of speaking age, he/she might not express about the moving objects around him/her.
  • The children with autism will also lack communication skills. This is an important symptom to be watched out by the parents/caregivers.
  • Some children with autism do not even talk with their own parents even when required.

The above-mentioned symptoms can be seen in the kids who are in the speaking age. But, autism can even be identified at a very early age (i.e.) even when the child has not attained the speaking age. Some of the symptoms found in babies with autism are given below and when it is identified at this stage itself, it will become easier to treat autism:

  • The babies with autism will not look you in the eye and will not look at toys and will not search for you, when you are calling him/her by the name.
  • The baby will not show any facial emotions like fear, anger, exuberance and grimacing.
  • The baby will not imitate your actions like waving of hands, smiling, etc
  • The baby will not create any constant sound and will not even mimic the sound made by you when you talk to him/her.

There are some red flag warning traits for kids, which the parents should immediately watch out and make the child to undergo autism treatment. They are:

  • When the child avoids or not even attempts to interact and talk to you.
  • When the child fails to communicate his/her needs to you.
  • When the child is having trouble in reading the speech skills.

Autism is a situation, which hinders the development of the children. So, parents should immediately consult a child specialist, if they find any of the above-mentioned symptoms in their child. Many research and clinical studies are being conducted to help the parents to make their child come of the problem of autism.

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