HBOT Treatment Cost – Excerpt from Jenny’s New Book.

Jenny: Why isn’t everyone in a hyperbaric chamber? Since it helps with delivering oxygen, which in turn helps the immune system,why don’t hospitals stick sick people in them all the time?

Dr. Jerry: Because it’s very expensive. Nobody is looking for ways to increase the cost of health care. If you think about it, if you have a stroke or if you have a heart attack, by definition that’s an impaired flow of oxygen to that tissue. The first thing I tell my wife is, if I have a stroke, make sure my treatment plan includes HBOT ASAP! It is imperative to restore oxygen to tissues. Insurance is starting to pay, in some instances, for HBOT. As more and more studies come out, this should one day be part of mainstream interventions. Remember, any tissue, in order to heal, requires oxygen.

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