Hyperbaric Treatment Studies To Treat Autism

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy To Treat Autism
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy To Treat Autism

It may be speculated that improvements in brain functioning in the limbic system may have some connection to oxygen treatments. A study that is specific to hyperbaric treatment for children with autism published by BioMed Central Pediatrics found improvements in:

  • Eye contact
  • Social interaction
  • Receptive processing in language
  • Sensory awareness
  • Cognitive awareness
  • Less irritability
  • Stereotyped repetitive movements (stims) reduced
  • Less hyperactive
  • Speech

The study concludes that children who received hyperbaric oxygen treatment for autism showed improvements compared to kids who had limited pressurized air.

More studies are required both in brain functioning and oxygen therapies for individuals on the autism spectrum before any absolute conclusions can be made. The unusual approach to treating pervasive developmental disorders shows promise, but currently there is no conclusive scientific backing for this expensive treatment.

Source : autism.lovetoknow.com

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