The Benefits Social Robots Have on Autism


Robotics is one such area that has caught the interest of many because they are easy to deal with as compared to humans. Robots are like humans without the emotional hassles and the feeling of unpredictability, they are far more comfortable to handle because they can repeat actions and do and re-do the same thing over and over again without any sort of irritation or anger. And all you need to do for dealing them is to charge their batteries so that they are always charged up to perform your orders. Highlighting on robotics throw light on the social robots who boast of infinite patience, easy on communication and can repeat their action ample number of times. The best thing to have happened to the cause of autism in the recent times is the extensive use of social robots in their field to train the autistic child. Let’s take a closer look at this recent development.

A few interesting points as to why social robots are better than human beings when it comes to treating autism and providing therapy.

  • The specialty that they have is they look like humans but behave like machines which implies they repeat actions and words innumerable times without any sort of anger or irritation or even losing out on the patience. Autism is a neurological disorder that has a variety of impacts and effects. However the intensity of these effects are not the same for all kids and it varies a lot. Keeping the variation of the effects in mind all one needs to do is change the modification of the robots so that they can perform accordingly based on the needs and requirements of the child. This way each kind of autism effects get treated with the help of a single machine and all one needs to do is incorporate a certain amount of modification.
  • Autism is a life-long disorder that includes a large number of impairments starting from speech to social skills to even following instructions. Solving these impacts requires a lot of patience and is a very time-consuming process, something that humans fail to provide, that is when these social robots come handy and for the right rescue.
  • Another major problem that has been doing the rounds for quite some time now is the inability to detect autism till the child is three years. This late detection further defers the medical treatment. To change this situation after a lot of medical research and studies later it has been proved that social robots can help detect the signs of autism at an earlier stage. These robots have cameras fixed to their eyes and making prolonged eye contact spread over a long time span along with monitoring the eyes of the kids it becomes easy for them to figure out whether toddlers suffer from autism or not. This is an easy process and helps parents to know whether their little bundle of joy is struck by this disorder or not.
  • They encourage interaction among them by continuously repeating the words and phrases until the kids get it right. They also help tremendously in making efforts to improve the sensory and the motor nerves. However, social robots are the latest to have entered the world of autism trying to bring in a change to make their lives better and to design a better future for them.

Social robots have proved to be the biggest help that parents and doctors could have asked for children suffering from this neurological disorder. They are the biggest cure and the bestest friend!



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