6 Ideas to Help You Celebrate the Month of Autism Awareness

Celebrate the Month of Autism Awareness

“April is the cruellest month”, once said the Nobel laureate T.S. Eliot in his famous poem “The Waste Land.” Of course, he had some valid reasons for addressing April as the cruelest month, but this is not the truth all the time. Every year, April comes with some blessings for the autistic children – blessings of knowledge, blessings of awareness. After all, April is the month of autism awareness! Everyone should be aware of this condition named autism, not only the parents of the autistic children. Even if you have nothing to do with autism, your little effort can make some children smile. Today, I am going to tell you which activities you can conduct to support the autistic children. But before delving into the detail, let me introduce autism to those who know nothing about it.

What is Autism?

Autism is a brain disorder that disrupts the proper brain development. Autistic children find it difficult to make sense of anything going around them as their brain is not developed properly. Naturally, autism makes it really challenging for the children to talk, listen, learn, play, and understand. Well, this does not mean that autistic children can do nothing. They do everything, but they need to put much more effort for doing these things in comparison to those children who are not affected by autism.

Reasons behind Autism

It is difficult to point out the exact reason that causes autism. Research in this particular field is still going on. There are multiple forces working behind autism, such as environment, biological structure, and genetic factors. There was a controversy that certain vaccines cause autism. Several studies have proved it wrong and identified some possible reasons behind autism including:

  • Genetic Disorder
  • Effects of Pesticides
  • Pharmaceutical Effects
  • Parental Age

Initiatives We can Take to Support Autistic Children

Now, let’s discuss how we can support the autistic children in this month of autism awareness even if we do not have a child with autism.

1. Walk for Autism

In April, all the leading autism advocacy societies or organizations arrange a walk all across the country. Find the walk arranged in your region and try to be a part of it. You can also team up with your family and friends to raise money for several autism awareness programs.

2. Create Puzzle-Themed Crafts

Do you know that puzzle pieces are a symbol of autism? Team up with your kids, upcycle the old puzzles you have in your possession and color them to make puzzle-themed crafts. You can get a number of ideas on making puzzle crafts for autism awareness on Pinterest. This is an opportunity for you to employ your creativity and artwork for the welfare of the autistic children who are the future of our society.

3. Wear Blue

Generally, blue is the color to symbolize autism. Therefore, you can wear blue in several activities held in this month to support autistic children. Even you can set a blue light on your entrance to spread the autism awareness. You can turn your Facebook profile picture into blue to inspire your circle about autism awareness.

4. Arrange No-Bullying Campaign

The autistic children find it really difficult to socialize with people. Unfortunately, often they are targeted for bullying inside and outside the school. You can arrange an anti-bullying campaign in April to celebrate autism awareness. Ask your child’s school authority for permission to organize a bullying prevention activity in the cafeteria. It will help your kids and their friends to understand that their autistic mates need love and friendship; they should not be the objects of bullying.

5. Donate for Autistic Children

There are many organizations which encourage people to help the autistic children through donation or fundraising. Even you can try to raise fund by yourself. You should also involve your children in this great work of raising fund for the autistic children.

6. Spread Autism Awareness

It is not possible for your little ones to understand what is this autism without your help. Our children are the future of the society. So, whenever we are going to spread autism awareness, we should start it with the kids. There are many books that discuss autism in a way that it is possible for the kids to understand the facts. Read these books together with your children and let them ask questions about autism. In this way, you can teach your children why and how they should show empathy to all people. You may also open groups or forums in your social networks to spread autism awareness.

A Final Takeaway

If you really want to do something for the autistic children, a number of options are available for you. Your good will can change one’s life. So, what are you thinking? You’ve got tips and ideas. Let’s celebrate this month of autism awareness together in the hope of a future autism-free world!

Do you have any other ideas for this month of autism awareness? Share your ideas with our readers.

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