Maps Conference for Autism and Other Spectrum Disorders, 2012


MAPS or the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs provides training and educational programs to medical practitioners so that they can provide with quality and consistent treatment for Autism and other related disorders. The training programs are designed based on the latest developments of the medical world. With eminent aficionados heading the organization, MAPS remains to be one of the premium systematic pediatric programs providers.
Educational Programs Which Collaborates On Autism and Related Disorders

Maps Conference for Autism, 2012

Dr. Daniel Rossignol, the President of MAPS, believes in evidence based programs which would embody research and its practical application proving itself to be beneficial for both the patient and the doctor. Dr. David Berger, Board Certified Pediatrician, believes in stopping autism before it can happen. With continuous awareness programs Dr. Berger shares his knowledge with parent support groups.
MAPS Practitioners Provide the “Full Measure” Care
The difference in the ideologies makes the MAPS practitioners the more preferable choice for the treatment of autism. The biomedical intervention of MAPS enables the practitioners to look beyond the actual implementation.
MAPS Spectrum Standard of Care Conference, 2012
This year, MAPS is holding one of their prestigious training conferences in Las Vegas, Nevada in March 2nd and 3rd. The course enunciates treatment techniques beyond the typical lecture series. Correlating with case studies and supportive evidence of the treatment techniques, the practitioners would leave the conference enlightened and educated.
Conference Schedule: On March 2nd the notable speakers at the conference would speak about the Oxidative Stress, Methylation and Mitochondrial Dysfunction. On 3rd March the focus would be on the GI, Environmental and Immune. The last day would have the illustrious speakers tell about how to make the practice effective enough.
Speakers of the Conference:

  • Dan Rossignol, M.D. FAAFP, MAPS President: A thorough practitioner, Dr. Rossignol has been researching the medical literature for the cure of autism and the related disorders. With a Doctorate of Medicine from the Medical College of Virginia, Dr. Rossignol is a member of Americal Academy of Family physicians.
  • Richard Frye, M.D., Ph.D: The director of Autism Research and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Dr. Richard Frye specializes in these neurological disorders.
  • Anju Usman, M.D.: One of the directors of True Health Medical Center in Naperville, Illinois, she has been involved in the research of copper/zinc imbalances, metallothionein dysfunction, biofilm related infections and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
  • Martha Herbert, M.D., Ph.D: A trained pediatrics of neurological disorders, she is an Assistant Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, a Pediatric Neurologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. She is also an affiliate of the Harvard-MIT-MGH Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging.
  • Elizabeth Mumper, M.D, FAAFP: With an integrative approach towards autism and the relevant disorders, Dr. Humper is an eminent practitioner in Lynchburg, Virginia.

The conference also has other speakers like Dr. David Berger, Dr. Judy Van de Water, and Dr. Quig, and Algis K. Augustine. The registrations lines are still open to partake in the conference. For further details on the variant topics covered, the speakers and other related topics call 855.447.4200 x 251. To view other details of the conference please visit

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