Hyperbaric Therapy: A wonder of science


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used for decades to enhance healing process and cure diabetic wound infection; but after a long and consistent HBOT research, just recently doctors and experts have figured out that, hyperbaric chambers can cure much severe conditions of human body.
So, let’s just talk about how it works. I believe we all know that, Oxygen is our life force and the ‘red cells’ of our blood delivers oxygen to our tissue cells, which makes our body run. But Injuries, infections and diseases strangles the oxygen flow and drops it to almost zero. Without oxygen, our body’s healing process slows down and our injuries take more time than usual to heal. The idea of hyperbaric therapy appeared in late 1600, but its real life application started on 1879. This therapy includes a special mechanical chamber that can elevate air pressure and gives the patient an experience of higher atmospheric pressures than the normal environment. This therapy is built over the fact that, breathing 100% oxygen under high atmospheric pressure; forces the oxygen to reach tissues, which are affected by injury, infection or decease and ultimately accelerates the body’s healing process. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can cure-
• Gas gangrene
• Carbon monoxide poisoning
• Crush injury
• Thermal burns
• Compartment syndrome
• Acute traumatic ischemia
• Exceptional blood loss
• Delayed radiation injury
• Necrotize soft tissue infection
And autism. Actually autism is associated with oxidative stress and it can only be totally cured by oxygen under pressure. Hyperbaric therapy can improve an autistic child’s language, sociability, and overall cognition in a matter of days. Many Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy events are taking place all around the world to inform people about this miracle machine. Famous Dr. Dan Rossignol has shouldered the duty to educate people about autism and hyperbaric therapy by organizing Presentation for California HBOT, in Irvine, California. Where he will take the floor and talk about recent advancements on hyperbaric therapy.

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