Light Up In Blue on This World Autism Acceptance Day


As today, whole world joins together for the World Autism Acceptance Day. People think that world does not know enough, or admit to this condition of existing in midst of autism. One should remember that to accept the vast knowledge about the wondrous and the mysterious life is recognizing this earthly realm with all its glory, charm, distress and sorrow. The realization of the existing, which cannot be changed is what illuminates mankind.
With the onset of the World Autism Acceptance Day on April 2, we strive together to provide for a healthy living and a stable environment for all those who are impaired with this condition. This day is for the children who get bullied in the school and in every sphere of life. This is the day for those adults who wear diapers and don’t speak. This is the day for everybody associated with this disease and for those who desperately want a way out. World Autism Acceptance Day is fostering information about this neurological disorder that has no cure. This day is about accepting life the way it is, and believing resiliently in it.
Today, people, organizations and everyone across the globe would “Light It Up Blue.” As a parent, friend or simply a person, help raise this awareness about autism. Since this condition causes differential behavioral symptoms, this situations calls for more understanding. As we celebrate the fifth annual day, we should at least provide them a place in the society with acceptance. The awareness of this disease would definitely bring about more recognition. Such a condition isolates the people and along with them, their associates. This day is about being in the same passage of journey with them. So Light Up In Blue and let us acknowledge their existence.

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