Recommended Therapies to Treat Autism


Autism Spectrum disorder is a neurological developmental disorder that normally surfaces within the toddlers in their initial age, between 1-3 years. This disorder hampers the normal development of the brain and impairs the social interaction and communication skills. The autistic children also tend to involve in repetitive behaviors such as repetitive movement of body parts such as flapping the hands, or rolling the head etc. Compulsive behavior is noticed in some children who tend to arrange objects in lines or stacks. Some children with suspected Autism will get irritated with normal changing patterns. For instance, these children will get irritated with particular furniture being moved from its place. They will also express their fondness for specific food item or dressing ritual. Pre-occupation with any particular activity or interest like a game or a television show is also one of the symptoms of Autism.

How to Treat Autism

Generally, there are no preventive measures or specific medicines to avert or cure this neurological developmental disorder, but early diagnosis and progressive treatment can certainly help autistic children develop to their full potential. Behavioral scientists have discovered many treatment approaches, bio-medical therapies, clinical and complimentary therapies to diagnose Autism. In the following paragraphs, some of the recommended strategies are discussed which can help an autistic child improve their function and reach their full potential.

Behavioral Management and Training

This strategy utilizes self-help, reinforcement and social skills training designed to improve the behavior and communication among the autistic children. TEACCH or Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children, ABA or Applied Behavioral Analysis and sensory integration are some of the common processes followed.

Specialized Therapies

Specialized therapy programs include physical, occupational and speech therapy. This can help an autistic child to improve language as well as social skills and help them communicate effectively. These therapies can help a child improve his motor skills and social coordination. Occupational therapy also assists the child to perceive information from different sources such as sound, touch, smell more effectively.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

In the last few years, some of the medical experts and doctors have debated that Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy or HBOT can improve conditions of autism by enhancing the volume of oxygen intake, thus reducing inflammation and the lack of oxygen flow of in the brain. Although there are debates about the effectiveness of HBOT therapy in treatment of Autism and even questions about the medical connection of Autism and HBOT treatment, some doctors deem Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is one of the viable options to treat autism.

All the treatment and measures to treat autism should be taken more as a caring procedure for autistic child, rather than conventional medicated processes. All children have typical pathways of reaching their fullest potential and hence the parents as well the medical experts should tread as per a child’s unique need.

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