A Musical Game as an Aid for Autism


This neural development disorder surfaces mainly before a child steps three years of age. Autism basically affects the cells that directly support information processing. Repetitive behavior and restricting to oneself are some of the major characteristics you are likely witness in an autistic. Well for now I am going to discuss some good news that has surfaced in the UK recently.

aid for autism

A sound production student from the University of Dundee, has come up with a creative solution for autism victims across the globe. He has just invented a musical game for autistics that would have a soothing affect on the neurologically challenged individuals. The spontaneous initiative came after John Steven came up with this unique idea of educating autism children to distinguish and understand different colors and shapes, while they remain relaxed and at ease.

At first a set of colorful shapes come into view prompting the autistic child to insert a key. The colorful shapes are set with different musical tunes; and there are lovely flowers that blossom on screen. These musical notes are specially designed to support autistic children to grow learning skills in them.

Today several nations are joining to bring up a change in the lives of these neurologically impaired people and are offering special aid for autism to help them improve their way of life.

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