Autism Screening enhances Risks in Children


Autism is an incurable cognitive disorder which causes the brain to work insufficiently. This neural development disorder often occurs in children below the age of 3. Due to autism the information processing systems in the brain works wrongly. However a recent study has proven that early screening to detect autism in a child can jeopardize the life of the later. such screening can even affect lives of those who are not autistic children.autistic children

A group of Canadian researchers have strictly warned the parents stating that routine screening could actually increase the probabilities of autism occurrences in children. They fear that the screening tests aren’t certified by the Health Authorities. Moreover, they haven’t been able to detect its efficacy. In fact researchers from the McMaster University are not too convinced with such screening methods and have ordered doctors not to practice such regular tests on autistic children. They are completely against incorporation of screening practices at doctor’s chambers.

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