Autism affected artists assisted by PARTnerships!

People like to expresses themselves through their art and for many artists like Kathy Donahue, art is much more than an option to put together a living, it is an option for them to treat their passions.

The same holds true for those affected with autism, a development disability. Kathy has proved that even those who are afflicted by autism can be successful in their careers.

A glance at the artwork prepared by her will give no clues that she has got autism. A program known as PARTnerships is enabling persons like Donahue to indulge in their passions and also to profit from the same. Partnership Resources, Inc., a non-profit organization, is running this program that enables people suffering from development disabilities to find work.

According to Dan Reed, who is the Marketing Director of PRI, the artwork created by the members of PRI, all of whom suffer from development disabilities, is being seen by many people and through these artworks, people are learning more about people who are being supported by this non-profit organization. These artworks are displayed in corporate boardrooms, gift shops, corporate headquarters, agencies etc. and many people purchase these works of art too. The money collected from the sales is paid to the artists who created them. PRI helps the development disabled artists to license their artwork and to sell the same as originals. Many of these works of art are displayed at the coffee shop of Columbia Grounds situated at Columbia Heights.

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