Autism in children


Child autism as it is called is a major brain disorder that causes impaired functioning of the brain as a75648902 result of which their mental abilities are deformed. It also contributes to improper social functioning. In fact the common attributes of a human are hampered because of autism. Typically child autism surfaces at a very early stage of life. In most cases children at the age of three starts showing signs of autism whereby the little one is mostly drawn to himself not involving himself/herself to participate in common activities. These individuals don’t tend to respond well to social activities. They are in fact unable to communicate well with their parents, friends and relatives; in fact they refrain themselves from such activities. Repetitive behavior is also familiar in kids with autism. They are mostly drawn towards specific routines and throw tantrum if by any chance they are diverted to perform a different activity. Mostly their verbal communicative power is hindered which is why they are mostly introverts keeping to themselves. They mostly suffer from rigid ways of thinking.


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