Treatment of Autistic Children Through Alternative Method


As autism is the outcome of neuro-developmental problem, doctors are looking for alternative method to take care of it. Although its cure is not possible, but several techniques have been devised that can help improve this condition and lead to the betterment of the quality of the life led by autistic children. These methods are either applied alone or work jointly with other methods. Similarly, your child will also not respond positively to all these methods. So what you can do is to try all these methods to know which one is being favored by your child. Given below are some alternative methods:

  1. Music therapy:

Music has been found to show notable beneficial influence on autistic children. Music can produce feeling of happiness and make them start to move their limbs, thus leading to better their motor skills. Music can also move them to imitate the song and the tune and inspire them to sing along, thus acting as a speech therapy. This therapy has brought in positive effect on the children who cannot speak.

  1. Principle of sensory integration:

This is another way of helping autistic children. Autistic children always have sensory issues and tend to be extremely sensitive to the sensations of touch, light, sound, smell and taste.  Therapists sometimes use these sensations to make them react. Other times they are also used to pacify these children and produce calming effect on them, if they become too agitated due to some reason.

  1. Proper diet:

Autistic children are generally very finicky when it comes to their choice of meal. Parents of such children often face difficult situation handling their eating habit. Doctors generally suggest gluten-free diet for autistic children. Sometimes the presence of certain element in their diet can affect them badly and produce harmful effect on their mood and behavior pattern. Pick out the elements that affect them negatively and exclude them from their diet entirely.

  1. Inclusion of Omega 3:

A number of health benefits can be accrued from the inclusion of Omega 3 in your autistic child’s diet which includes better social skills, sleep pattern and over all better health condition of the child. It will be better to seek your doctor’s advice before using it in your child’s meal. Omega 3 and other fatty acids can aid and enhance the normal growth of your child.

  1. Use of play-way therapy:

This particular therapy is very helpful as it reduces the frustration felt by the child and helps to bond him better with the therapist. This method also provides him with a calm and relaxed environment that lets him to be himself and express himself without any reservation. It also enables him to enjoy the company of the therapist and thus to open up himself and gradually overcome his difficulty of social interaction.

Try to utilize these therapies side by side to continuing medicines. Do not lose patience or discouraged if one or other such method fails to show any positive result. Always try to find out ways to keep your child in good mood and do what you feel will be for his best interest.

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