How Music Therapy Improves Communication Skill of Autistic Children


In the recent time, autism has been found to be more prevalent among children than ever. The symptoms of this condition begin to manifest themselves within the first three years of the child’s life. This condition is the outcome of slow or abnormal development of brain, although the factors that trigger the creation of this condition remain largely unknown. Although this is an incurable health condition, but doctors have managed to devise many fun and educative therapies that can help improve the quality of life and Music therapy is one such therapy.

Music has been found to be an effective medium in bringing positive changes in human mind and attitude. This therapy is conducted in sessions that have been designed by the experts who specialize in the treatment of autism. The evaluation of this therapy has shown that it can affect some noticeable change in the behavioral pattern of autistic children.

Music therapy for autism is now accepted as one of the most feasible options to treat autism. This therapy includes the following activities:

  1. Playing music or musical instruments.
  2. Listening to music and tunes. This helps to elevate mood and invigorates children by imparting new spirit in them.
  3. The activity that involves singing along which helps the children to bond with each other.
  4. Movement along with music helps to improve motor skills of children.

The effect of this therapy has been seen in terms of notable positive changes in the behavior of autistic children. The positive results accrued from this therapy are listed below:

  1. This therapy affects positive changes in the socio-emotional atmosphere. The main symptom of autism involves avoiding contact with other people and being engrossed in a microcosmic world created by their mind. These children love the colors and shape of the musical instruments. The musical tune positively engages these children which generates feeling of joy in them.
  2. Getting the child engaged is the primary motto of this therapy. The tune engages the children so well that they start to hum and at times sing along.

Many therapists advocate that playing flute is the best of therapies as well as exercise, because it helps to improve the functioning of lips, jaws, teeth and tongue. So it can be deduced that playing any wind instrument is bound to improve your vocalization.

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