Autism Now: Robert MacNeil Shares Grandson Nick’s Story – On Air


Back in the 2008, 1 child in every 110 children had been diagnosed with Autism. Unfortunately the numbers have been found to rise over the last couple of years. PBS Newshour brings in a series of shows completely focused on Autism and medical issues related to it, all through this week, every night.

Autism Now - Robert MackNeil and Nick's Story

This show has Robert MacNeil, retired reporter, sharing the story of his autistic grandson Nick’s and their experience. According to Celeste, Tony and Julius (in an email from them)

This is the first time any mainstream media outlet has dared question that autism could be a medical, biological disorder and not just psychiatric.

This has been considered as a ground breaking series. A 15 minutes preview on Autism Now: Robert MacNeil Shares Grandson Nick’s Story is available online. Check it out to understand autistic children like Nick better in order to help make their lives better and lead them out of their troubles as far as possible.

This show can be recorder, so you can use your DVR’s accordingly! Thanks to PBS Newshour once again, and also to Robert for letting us an opportunity to learn more about Autism and related biomed issues based on real life experience. Dont miss the show out – check out the 15 minutes preview online.

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