Can Music Help to Treat Autism?


Although musical therapy is a new practice to treat autism, but still one should seriously consider giving it a shot. Research is showing that when children with autism are given musical therapy they often show remarkable improvements in temperament and learning skills.

Why does music seem to work so well in autism treatment?

Music connects to the nonverbal part of our brains making it the perfect therapy for autism patients who have trouble communicating.

The reason musical therapy is so successful is because it can be used in conjunction with learning new social skills. You have to understand that music is a very nonthreatening medium for children with autism. Many different games can be played with the aid of music to help both behavior and social skills at the same time. Using musical instruments that need to be close to the face will help break social barriers.

By far the number one way music helps children with autism is with the development of speech. Music links together the verbal and nonverbal parts of the brain so they have an easier time working together. Autistic patients have many different ways they communicate with us. Some can only grunt or hum while others simply cry or say nonsensical phrases that have no meaning. No matter how well the individual speaks they can always participate in musical therapy by clapping or humming.

People with autism are often found to be very talented at music. Some can play an instrument with little or no formal teaching while others have a perfect pitch. One may be surprised to know that a person who is normally hard to deal with has music abilities above and beyond that of any of his or her other skills.

If you take the time to explore the endless possibilities that music can provide to treat autism you will be pleasantly surprised. Music can actually work wonders never experienced before. People who are trained in this type of therapy can use music to teach autistic individuals how to communicate in nonverbal ways. Please do yourself the justice to explore this new and exciting form of therapy for autistic patients. I know that you will be blown away with the results you’ll experience.

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