Can we relate HBOT and cerebral palsy?


HBOT and Autism have been a debatable topic since ages. Clinics, treatment centers and researches show that all results vary in their practices on the actual application of the pressure; rather I would say nobody is absolutely certain about the optimum Oxygen pressure.

Autism children and mom
Autism children and mom

Why is the major discrepancy?

The answer lies in the fact that some hyperbaric chambers deliver more pressure which is not at all good and also the medical grade of Oxygen should be taken into consideration.

To be very candid hyperbaric treatment is not magic that it can cure anything like autism, stroke etc, just by the application of hyperbaric oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is administered to a patient as part of the rehabilitation process.

Autistic children & Mom
Autistic children & Mom

Then the real question comes that how much part the Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy plays in the rehab process. Let us begin with analyzing what does hyperbaric Oxygen therapy works it involves breathing oxygen under 4-15 pounds of additional pressure per sq inch. For this the rigid or inflatable hyperbaric chamber comes into play, one has to go in and sit up or lie down depending on the size of the chamber and breathes oxygen for 45 -90 minutes by a mask while air is pumped into the chamber to increase the pressure to optimum level.

Mild Hyperbaric therapy as the name goes is administered under low pressure with or without the option of medical grade oxygen. This varies from one vendor to another, for example there are some chambers manufactured by OxyHealth LLC, which has the option to add medical grade oxygen.

Now the question comes “is it possible to determine which chamber is the best?”

Answer lies with you, only you can judge which chamber is suitable for you depending on the illness and necessity for the therapy.

If you are going for the “Do-it-yourself  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy then I would say read and consult an expert on the installation of a acrylic hard shell or a steel chamber, I would rather say better to consult the hyperbaric trainer. If you are using mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber or a personal hyperbaric oxygen chamber which is inflatable then the complexity is much less, which you can operate yourself. There are DVD’s and manual which comes from the manufacturer which can be of some help. There are even some vendors who offer free installation and training.

how to treat autistic children
how to treat autistic children

If you are looking for an easier and safer option and not inclined to learn from installation guide and DVD, then I would suggest that you can visit a center which offers hyperbaric oxygen services, for example WIHC and CIHC.

HBOT is perceived as the panacea to wounds, burn injuries, accident injuries, autism, stroke, diabetic wounds, and radiation related injuries and electrical and nerve related injuries as the success rate of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is phenomenal.

The oxygen has a unique property of binding tissue, this we know from biology, it seems the same works with HBOT with injured tissue and rebuilding nerve cells. This reminds me of what Dr Spencer said in one of his articles.

“HBOT has also shown to reduce edema, increase removal of dead tissue, decrease free radicals, generate new blood vessels and cause 800% increase in circulating stem cells..”

Now the most important question that lies ahead is if HBOT can heal injuries then can it have the same effect on neurological problems?

We know that the brain has some different set of responsive system and tissue reactions to injury. This is apparently not true as there may be small differences in physical injuries but after some time when tissue repair and the inflammatory process are same.

Normal Injury and brain injury more or less look same from cellular level, but the brain tissue goes through 2 most complex repair processes, in the brain due to increased pressure caused by edema and inflammation are confined within the hard keratinous skull. So it is very much clear that the blood pressure plays an important role. To be more precise high blood pressure in the damaged area of the brain can aggravate the situation. Oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen in blood thus diluting it and bringing the pressure under control.

Here we have a solid logic that HBOT really helps and repairs brain Injury to some extent.

We all are going through the hypothesis of hyperbaric Oxygen therapy benefits, but I would suggest before buying a hyperbaric oxygen chamber go through the information provided from the manufacturers on the chamber specifications.

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