Facts about Autism causes in Children


One of the prime factors which according to most scientists is an imperative element leading to autism is when the genetic disorder is passed on through heredity. A number of researches have come up with the single idea that chances of the genetic cistrons of autism getting transferred from the parents to the children are rather high. The procedure of autism inception has been medically detected a number of times to ensure the authenticity of the cause. In general, scientists talk of the fact that 1 out of 20 infants born runs the chance of inheriting the autistic genes from their parents. As far as autism treatment is concerned, genetically acquired autism is not completely curable. While doctors treat autism of this kind, they may only ensure partial improvement of the behavioral patterns and speech articulation at the most.

Other than the element of heredity some of the other elements that may also be responsible in causing autism are as follows. Take a look,

Environmental factors: Way back in 1967, Dr. Bernard Rimland on behalf of the Autism Research Institute proposed that occurrence of mercury and other heavy metals in the direct atmosphere of contact may lead to autism in certain individuals. Infants who are genetically prone to autism, mercury and other heavy metals can prove to be rather poisonous for them.

Biological factors responsible for Autism: A medical theory that has come to the forefront as a potent source of autism is “Supermale Brain Theory”. According to this theory all those children who have large amounts of testosterone secretion are unable to make an eye contact before they reach two years of age. This may often lead to autism.

So in case the parents locate any such symptoms in their kids, they should know that it is a situation of autism and autism treatment is to be started as soon as possible. Experienced doctors can effectively treat autism in a way that diminishes a lot of the overbearing anxieties that such children face.

Teaching Kids to treat Autism

To treat autism, doctors recommend diets that are free from casein and gluten. Such food ingredients tend to be effective for kids suffering from autism. Relevant carrying out of the “Chelation Therapy” is also favored which ensures the removal of the mercury content from the body. With decreased levels of mercury in the body, it is expected that it becomes easier for the autistic children to cope with the behavioral disorders and speech articulation problems to a large extent.

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