Does vaccination cause Autism?

No body knows the answer to a question that has been haunting parents for close to a decade. There are some who doubt that vaccinations can cavaccinationuse autism.

This is a fuzzy query because nobody knows for sure at the moment. Nowadays children have to take immunizations for mumps, measles and hepatitis  before they are allowed to join public schools. Many people are of the opinion that these vaccinations are associated to the increase of another grim diagnosis, namely, autism. According to some schools of thought, it was assumed that the problems that caused autism were the preservatives that were present in the vaccination shots, but this does not hold true any more since diagnosis rates of autism are increasing despite these preservatives being discontinued. As of date nobody has been able to establish any link between the two.

Is it a wild goose story? Nobody can say for sure till there is any scientifically based evidence. Superstition plays a big part too. There are many people who are of the opinion that AIDS is caused by polio vaccination, despite the fact that it has been proved otherwise. Only when a sure shot cure for autism is found that one shall be able to say for sure whether there is any co-relation between the disease and the vaccination shots.

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