Teenager defies autism to graduate high school.

image-autismThe parents of Eric Hollingsworth had never imagined in their wildest dreams that he would graduate, but he is going to prove them wrong. On Monday, the 20th of June 2008, he will be graduating. Seventeen years ago, when he was just 2 years old, Eric was suffering from severe autism and according to the doctors attending him, this disease would thwart him from either talking or even attending school.

Obviously, this news had depressed his parents. Today, the 19 years old is finishing his last days in class. A delighted Eric is looking forward to life beyond high school. Today he has plans of attaining a career in the food service industry, a career which he had looked forward to while at high school and during his stint in a restaurant. According to his father, Eric had overcome many obstacles to reach where he is today. Not to be put down by the views of the doctors, Eric’s parents had decided to set goals for their son which the medics had not believed were achievable. Hey used to interact with his teachers and also the staff to ensure that their child was achieving according to his capability.

Home Tips for Autism Treatment

They used to work with Eric at home too on diversified skills. Eric was taught to finish his school work and eating yogurt by himself. Eric, skilled on setting tables & polishing glasses has also participated in diverse sports like cross country running and indoor track events during his stint in high school. He has shown to the world that if one is determined, they can beat all odds Autism included.

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