Treating autism through oxygen

H-BOT, commonly known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy is giving hope to autism patients. As of date, despite many experimental treatments there is no guaranteed method of curing autism. H-BOT which has been used to cure scuba divers is being tried on an experimental basis on kids affected with this deadly disease and the end results of the trials look encouraging. Autism is a disease which is considered to be worse that both AIDS and cancer.

In this method of treatment, kids are placed within a special chamber where they are administered air containing 37% oxygen. The air that we breathe generally contains 22% of oxygen. Families who are anxious to get their dear ones treated are looking towards this method of treatment as a messiah. According to pediatrician Dr. David Berger radiological studies conducted on children affected with autism has shown that the flow of oxygen in their brain is lower than normal, hence increasing the flow of the same might provide more nutrition to the brain. He has suggested that patients undergo 2 sessions of this treatment, lasting one hour each, per day.

The benefits of this treatment are wide and go far beyond verbal and social improvements. Dr. Berger has also noticed improvements of quite a number of symptoms of the patients who are being treated using this approach which includes intestinal symptoms too. One can purchase the equipment for $22,000 or the same can be rented for $3,000 per month. According to parents, some of the children have shown a triple fold improvement in their vocabulary after only 2 treatments.

Though not yet approved by the FDA for autism, ths line of treatment has got clearance under fourteen other conditions.

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