Insurance for Autism Treatment for RI Residents


While there are a huge number of organizations working towards spreading autism awareness and creating more and more options for autism treatment for those who can’t afford it, here is some news that can add further relief for families affected by autism.


A new bill under the state’s general assembly in Rhode Island has clearly stated that insurance companies would now have to bear the cost of therapies required to treat autism in this state. While a hearing is still being waited for on the Tuesday evening, the residents are looking very hopeful.

It has been observed in several occasions in the past that families treating autistic children have not been able to reach out to insurance companies for the cost they saw towards the involved therapies and treatment procedures. This proposed bill is one of the results of such complaints made by RI families and from several others from the other parts of the US.

While such bills have been introduced in some of the other parts of US in the past, it has not yet been so for Rhode Island, where the residents had to bear the cost of autism treatment completely on their own, unless they were eligible for aids from the government or other organizations working with autism treatment.

The person who has appeared to be the chief sponsor for this legislation is the Cranston Democrat, Rep. Peter Palumbo. While this drive would help families affected by autism, it may result in higher premium rates for all the policy holders in RI if the autism coverage is made mandatory.

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