The 10th West Palm Beach Annual Autism Walk


Amongst the many events that are working towards raising money for autism affected families, the West Palm Beach Annual Autism Walk is quite noteworthy. Not only is this event organized to raise the money that can help families affected by the disability, but it also adds a good deal of awareness in the general civilians about autism. Moreover the funds are also used towards research work being done towards treating autism.

The number of people participating in this event has been seen to be 3000 to 4000. During the event, the co-chairperson of the 2011 Walk, Denise Negron-Hernandez shared her thoughts with the other participants.

“When I attended my first walk I realized I wasn’t alone anymore,” she said. “It gave me a chance to be my child’s voice.”

Denise is mother to Alejandro, who is affected with Autism. She makes it a point that she is always a part of this walk. There are a huge number of other such events taking place all over the US. In fact, around 80 of such walks are organized each year in the US.

A large number of autism awareness organizations have taken the lead towards teaching people everything about the disability. About 1 child is affected by autism in every 110 children. Autism awareness not only teaches you how to treat an autistic child, but also on how to make their life more comfortable and have the confidence and faith in yourself to help them better!

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